Happy Birthday My Hubby 01.11.10

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Salam kalian....

hari ini 01.11.2010 buzday my hubby Zul Ery yg ke 22 tahun... hehehe..masih muda dewasa lagi kan..hakhak...

sempena buzday hubby...daku nak wish :
  • I may not be by ur side...celebrating your special day with u..But i want u to know that I'm thinking of u..& wishing u a wonderful Birthday!
  • I wish Allah bless u...with all joy..May u live a long life..And stay away from every grief..
  • It's not just ur Birthday that I celebrate..But also the many sweet memories that you've brought into my life!
  • I feel so lucky sharing my life with someone as wonderful as u! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
  • Happy 22nd Birthday Hubby! this year will be even better than the last!
  • Wishing u a very Happy Birthday!

Hepi Besday...moga bahagia selamanya dengan Cik Nur Azizah... (^_^)

i luv him! he's mine!

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